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Fashion from the point of view of two small town girls with high fashion dreams.

Our last day at the beach has been awfully bitter sweet…not exactly ideal beach weather, but it was nice enough to take a stroll around town and find the absolute most adorable shop I have ever seen! It was called Fishy Gifts. There is a picture of it above.

 The seemingly small cottage was actually a fairly spacious five room building, stacked floor to ceiling with every little knick knack you could imagine. We were just about to leave when Beth spotted a small display of Poison Rings.

 Poison rings are rings that open up on the top. They were used to conceal substances such as poison (duh) and were thought to be used by certain historical figures, and several others in history may have even died from poison concealed in such rings.

 Needless to say we were stoked that we found some. As you can see from the pictures above, they are kind of awesome :)

 I think we will put Pixie Stick dust in ours…

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